Money Diary Day 3 of 30 - 08/18/2013

Today I have not done much.  I have a bit of work I need to do because my vacation ends this Monday. The new semester starts.


Market - 1,700 KRW
Aloe juice

Gimbap Heaven - 4,500 KRW
Rabokki and rice

Electronics Market - 115,000 KRW
New Blender - mine is about to die because I used it a lot in the past year. I can smell the motor burning at times and it is not as good as it used to be. I don't need it breaking on me like my last one did. It happened while I was preparing breakfast before I went to work in the morning. This new one is also much easier to clean and doesn't take up so much space. Anyone who has lived or lives in Korea would understand. Kitchen space is not that big here in a majority of places.

ScribbleNauts Ipad Game - $1

Today spent - 121,200 KRW ( about $109.84)



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