Money Diary Day 11 of 30 - 08/26/2013

Nothing much happened today. I had so little sleep. I just wanted to pass out as soon as work was over.

Got a message from Pumpkinface, so that was not possible.

I already paid for it.  I don't remember if I posted it or not.


Tours Le Jours - 4,500 KRW
Sandwich. Too tired to make my lunch the night before. Not a good idea for me to cook while I am tired. Cut my hand 3 times, within 2 days from that.

Pumpkinface - 130,000 KRW
Two weeks worth of vegan food. No air condition and while it is still hot beyond all reason, I am not cooking. I just picked up this weeks.  I go back and pick up next weeks food, this Saturday or Sunday. Saves me a bunch of time from cooking to do work. I got a discount because I am apart of I paid it earlier, but I didn't get a confirmation, so I did not post it.

Transport - 6,050 KRW
Home, to pick up place and back.

Today spent - 140,550 KRW


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