Money Diary Day 1 of 30 - 08/16/2013

This is a 30 day test to see how much money I can save by changing little things.
Things to know:
  • I get paid once a month as a teacher in South Korea.
  • It's not my full pay, because the students are on summer vacation and I have not had extra classes for a month.
Today I got paid, since the 17th falls on the weekend. I can't post the time because my phone battery is dead, but I don't think it matters anyway (never the same time).

If I know the time I will post it. This is a daily blog of my day to day expenses in Korea for the month.

Expenses - 08/16/2013

Spent  $129.97 on a coat, winter boots and some proper fitting pants on the internet from Zulily. It may sound like a lot for 3 things, but I saved $204.03 off the combined items regular price. I am preparing for winter early.

7 pm - Went to ATM to transfer my money from one Korean bank account to the other. Cost was about $3 bucks to withdraw the money from one bank since that ATM was not near me.

7:15-ish:  Deposited most of my check into my other Korean account. Kept 10,000 won cash. Went to store and spent 11,700 won (about $11) on a six pack of 2L bottled water and a six pack of 1L bottled waters to be delivered to my apt and I bought some cheese slices (cause I wanted a grilled cheese sandwich to finish the bread before it went bad). The water is delivered for free.

Spent just under $14 bucks on the new issues of my comics that came out, digitally.  It was cheaper to buy the  volume set then them individually.

Transferred money from my Korean Bank to my American Bank...about $1,150. Not sure how much that will be when transfer fees from my bank come out. It covers my American expenses though.

Pretty much stayed inside today, it is TOO HOT!  The news even said stay inside between 12-5 pm, because it got hotter at those times.

Today spent - $154.94

Later, DN


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