Plans for DN in Korea


This is where I am posting for now on on my adventures in Korea and the like.

Here is a quick recap

  1. I am doing self-studying Korean for the TOPIK Basic Level 1 test. I will post the materials I am using as I go and my opinions on them. This is for reading, listening and writing.
  2. I am starting an online digital Korean class at Korean Digital Academy. These classes will help me in my speaking and I can do them from anywhere I have an Internet connection. I will post my opinions on that as I go.
  3. I will be posting Money Diaries for 30 days, in order to see how much I save and spend within a month.  I have to post days 1-3 here to catch up. Mainly, I am doing this because I have been hearing/reading this from other teachers here and I figured I should try to save as much as possible, just in case. Should have been doing that in the first place, I know, but this job and location is where I am actually in the position to do it for once.
  4. I will be making daily life posts, too. People have been asking me that for awhile.
  5. I may do some Vlogs at times, though they will be on YouTube along with a post.

If there anything else anyone is interested in or have questions about? Leave them in the comments and I will get to it.

- DN


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