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Money Diaries Day 13 of 30 - 08/28/2013

Another short one ya'll. Pizza Maru - 6,000 KRW Sweet Potato Pizza (medium/ about an American small) Refund from Kinkos for a printing snafu. - a little over 68,000 KRW A few cards were supposed to be pink, not red. I think I am getting the hang of teaching and/or it is because I did this material last year and these are the ones I made. The projector is back and that time without it made me be able to improvise a bunch. Later, DN

Money Diary Day 12 of 30 - 08/27/2013

This is the shortest spending day ever. Walking home I bought a small bottle of sweet soy milk. Convenience Store - 1,000 KRW Soy Milk Today spent - 1,000 KRW Yep, DN

Money Diary Day 11 of 30 - 08/26/2013

Nothing much happened today. I had so little sleep. I just wanted to pass out as soon as work was over. Got a message from Pumpkinface, so that was not possible.

Money Diary Day 10 of 30 - 08/25/2013 + Life

Had to go back to Kinkos because one of the color flashcards did not print the correct color. It was supposed to be pink but in turn it printed red. So close to red I could not tell the difference at all. Totally unexpected what happened, though.

Money Diary Day 9 of 30 - 08/24/2013 + Daily Life

Today was a long one. All bills are paid already though, so it is okay. Expenses

Money Diary Day 8 of 30 - 08/23/2013

Expenses Tour les Jours - 4,500 KRW (cash) Lunch and snack.  Would have been more but I was given a discount because it was from the day before, so he gave them to me for free. Plus, I am a frequent customer. Market - 2,000 KRW (cash) Chips. Olleh Egg - 16,500 KRW Portable wi-fi Internet - 39,050 KRW Internet wi-fi at home Gas bill (APT) - 5,910 KRW Today spent - 67,960 KRW Those are the last of the bills I have in Korea. - DN

That was so much fun!

Today was pretty much uneventful, It was my longest day. I had 6 classes today and still no projector. The students are being cool though and I think they like it, this way. I will have to figure out more ways for them to practice their lesson, without having to use the projector. But the problem is,we have so many students and that is too  much paper. Went to my first cycling class (Spin class). IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN!!!!

Money Diary Day 7 of 30 - 08/22/2013

Hi! Updating this one before I pass  out in bed. I did pretty good today.

Money Diary day 6 of 30 - 08/21/2013

Sorry, this is a  bit late. It took so long getting home. I did not feel like it afterwards. Expenses Transportaion (all around) - 6,100 KRW (T-money) Transferring to a diffrent mode of public transportation usually cost  no extra money or a few cents.

Summer Vacation ended today...

I walked to school since it was nice and cool. Today, I had no classes. This was very good because we had no projector and I wasn't told what materials to make for the classes I usually have on Tuesday (4th grade). I was chillin'... till my Special Class B walked in the room. These are 1st and 2nd grade children. Me: O__O;;  (What?)

Money Diary Day 5 of 30 - 08/20/2013

Today ended my vacation and I went to work.  It was nice and cool out for once, so I walked to work.  It only takes about 15- 20 minutes.

Money Diary Day 4 of 30 - 08/19/2013

Today was uneventful.  I didn't even go outside. It was in the 90's today anyway, plus I wanted to just chill because I have work tomorrow. New semester begins. I did spend about $7 or 8 bucks on some things on a FB game because I was tired of the stage level I had been on for the last week or so. I was going to do a membership at teh Echo cycling gym class that is  walking distance from me, but I decided to save the 90,000 KRW cash (100,000 credit card).  I have a body weight workout I have that is 30 days and it cost a 3rd of the cost. Today spent - $7-8 Later, DN

Money Diary Day 3 of 30 - 08/18/2013

Today I have not done much.  I have a bit of work I need to do because my vacation ends this Monday. The new semester starts.

Money Diary Day 2 of 30 - 08/17/2013

Today I went to meet a friend. We wanted pancakes and there is only one place we know of to get some good ones like IHOP in Korea. I use a T-Money card inside my phone to pay for transportation on the subway and buses here. You can reload it whenever you need. It's very convenient and cost less than using cash.

Money Diary Day 1 of 30 - 08/16/2013

This is a 30 day test to see how much money I can save by changing little things. Things to know: I get paid once a month as a teacher in South Korea. It's not my full pay, because the students are on summer vacation and I have not had extra classes for a month. Today I got paid, since the 17th falls on the weekend. I can't post the time because my phone battery is dead, but I don't think it matters anyway (never the same time). If I know the time I will post it. This is a daily blog of my day to day expenses in Korea for the month.

Plans for DN in Korea

Hello! This is where I am posting for now on on my adventures in Korea and the like. Here is a quick recap