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My New Apt and Job

Hello All! DN here. Long time no see. After talking to Amaya she posed the question “Why did you stop blogging?” Truthfully, I don’t know.  I guess I had other things on my mind. I’ve thought about blogging many times and I just didn’t do it for some reason. Anyway, I am back. Mainly because this will keep ME sane and I should because I keep hearing the same questions repeatedly. Such as… 1.        Where are you now? -        I’m in China. Guangzhou region…kinda in the country but not so much. It is easy to get around where I am. 2.        What is your apartment like? -        Freakin’ HUGE! I have a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom place with 4 balconies to dry clothes on the top floor of the building. I even have two floors to myself. I’ll post a video of it - when the program cooperates - instead of describing in detail. If you like, another post will be for the process I went through to get this apartment and more information. 3.        How’s your