Money Diary Day 7 of 30 - 08/22/2013

Hi! Updating this one before I pass  out in bed.

I did pretty good today.


GS Supermarket (Actual market ) - 5,000 KRW  (cash)
Dinner. Trying to avoid meat and had fried tofu stuffed with rice. Nice and filling.

Apt Bill - 86,800 KRW (online-transfer)
In Korea,  bills are paid differently here. You go to a special ATM that is in the bank or in the post office and feed your bill slips to it and pay all at once. That thing closes at 4 p.m.  with the bank so, I never make it unless I happen to have that day off. Usually, everyone pays there bills through direct transfer from the bank: automatically or manual.  All bills, except for one that I get (Gas bill, I think) has different bank  account numbers you can transfer the amount of your bill. They have different ones, because not everyone uses the same bank and it lowers transfer fees, if any. I do it when I get home, before the bill is due.  It simple and easy. Takes only a couple of minutes.  Tried to pay gas bill too, but that section was under maintenance and I will try again later.

Spin class - Free (first class trial) 90,000 KRW cash 100,000 KRW card
This was my first class, so they let me try it out for free. It was SO MUCH FUN! I will definitely sign up for this later, when I get paid again. I have to buy some biking pants though. Those seats hurt and I am on them for an hour. You are supposed to be standing anyway, but I am not that good yet.  Plus, it is near my home and I can just walk there. No transport cost, like there would have been if I joined the gym. Don't like the gym anyway.

Journey (OST for Video Game Itunes) - 4.99
Beautiful music that is worth every penny.

Today spent -
91,800 KRW
$4.99 American

Still waiting for my other bills to come.  My internet and olleh egg (portable wi-fi because I can't use my Korean number to get on the wi-fi.) This way was easier and safer since you can't get on it without my password. I could use my phone, but I think that jacks up my bill and I noticed it kills my battery.



  1. You really don't need the pants for spin. It takes about a week before your booty gets used to it! Maybe two. I know after i haven't done it for a while it takes about a week or two before am used to the seat again.


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