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My New Apt and Job

Hello All! DN here. Long time no see. After talking to Amaya she posed the question “Why did you stop blogging?” Truthfully, I don’t know.  I guess I had other things on my mind. I’ve thought about blogging many times and I just didn’t do it for some reason. Anyway, I am back. Mainly because this will keep ME sane and I should because I keep hearing the same questions repeatedly. Such as… 1.        Where are you now? -        I’m in China. Guangzhou region…kinda in the country but not so much. It is easy to get around where I am. 2.        What is your apartment like? -        Freakin’ HUGE! I have a 3 bedroom/2 bathroom place with 4 balconies to dry clothes on the top floor of the building. I even have two floors to myself. I’ll post a video of it - when the program cooperates - instead of describing in detail. If you like, another post will be for the process I went through to get this apartment and more information. 3.        How’s your


Blog name has been changed. Because I am in China, now. Still teaching. I will be doing VLogs along with blog posts. I have only been here for a couple of weeks and I am still settling in. Here is the link to the video . Any type of vids you would like to see? Later, DN

Graduation and random stuff

Hello! It was graduation day today for my school.  In February, there is about 2 weeks of school and then they graduate. Each school is slightly different, but in my experience it has been that way.  The children are gone, the teachers either transfer to another school if their limit is up, choose what grade they will work with, if they want to be an English teacher for certain grades, everything gets switched around. English teacher is not usually chosen because of all the paperwork that needs to be done for the native teacher. If the native teacher is a renewal, there is quite a bit less. I gave each of my 6th graders a letter from me that was in Korean and English. They can keep in contact with me on a different blog and my email. One of the girls asked me to marry her again.

Strange, cute,...Awkward

Sup!  Still in Korea. Actually, I leave in May but I am coming back. February in graduation time for schools in Korea.  Some schools leave for WInter vacation and come back in Feb for 2 weeks. You may or may not have class. Different days for different schools, there are different factors that change the dates. Now this is for today. 2 minutes after I started walking home from school. Strange --> Cute --> Akward


IDGAF! Sums up my day perfectly. Although, I did make vegan alfredo sauce that tasted awesome and had a chocolate banana smoothie, that was equally delicious. Also, learned how to make noodles from scratch without eggs.  That is for tomorrow to go with the sest of the alfredo sauce. I will tell you about a dude later... somewhere else. - DN