Money Diary Day 10 of 30 - 08/25/2013 + Life

Had to go back to Kinkos because one of the color flashcards did not print the correct color. It was supposed to be pink but in turn it printed red. So close to red I could not tell the difference at all. Totally unexpected what happened, though.


Kinkos - 23,280 KRW
I went to Kinkos (Not FedEX Kinkos anymore, they stopped that in April). After I spent most of the day finding the correct pictures and making a file where I could make sure I did not miss anything, I finally went to Gangnam and around 1. I only reprinted the pink ones and used google translate to explain why I had to come back. Later, this lady who happened to be in there explained in English what google translate was totally screwing up.  Basically, since he did not explain to me about the printer I got a refund. I got around 70,000 KRW back to my card. I only paid about 24,000 KRW for my Korean lesson book to be printed out and the new pictures to be printed, cut and laminated.  A trainee did it so it took longer. 

Garobee (Vegan/Vegetarian Buffet) - 17,000 KRW
I was starving. I had not eaten all day. I was not in the mood to wait for my food either. The ladies that work there are super nice and they remember me from when I was 30lbs heavier. Love the cooking.

Handcrafted Stamp - 20,000 KRW
Hand crafted, customized stamp.  I wrote my name in Korean and he carved it into the bottom of the stamp and made sure it worked. THis stamp is what I use for the students, to mark their work and their behavior. The stamps equal rewards later on in the semester or class. This way they cannot cheat and use a stamp that is just like it from another store.

Transportation - 4,000 KRW
Bus there and back

Today spent - 64,280 KRW
It is like I spent almost nothing, since I got almost 70,000 KRW back.

Spent the rest of the day making lesson plans for the 5th and 6th grade for Wednesday. I had to make plans for without a projector. My special class A and B will be reviewing and learning the days of the week because I have no projector, but I have those flash cards. They can listen to the songs over the speakers and we will learn it.

 I still have to make the plans and materials for the After school classes A and B, Possibly for without a projector, even though I might be able to use the one in the other classroom, if it is open.

I need sleep.



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