Money Diary Day 2 of 30 - 08/17/2013

Today I went to meet a friend. We wanted pancakes and there is only one place we know of to get some good ones like IHOP in Korea.

I use a T-Money card inside my phone to pay for transportation on the subway and buses here. You can reload it whenever you need. It's very convenient and cost less than using cash.


Withdrew 200,000 KRW ($200)

Gave 100,000 KRW ($100) to a friend. She'll give it back on her payday next week.

Gave a donation of 1,000 KRW to an old man (only small bill I had)

Burger King - 1,200 KRW (cash)
I bought Tea because it was next to Butterfingers and we were on a wait list, but only for like 10-15 minutes. Like I said, it was hot.

Butterfinger Pancakes - 11,100 KRW (cash)
I had pancakes and mac and cheese. 

High Street Market - 47,000 KRW (cash)
Went to High Street market, since we were in Itaewon and right next to it. I had to pick up a few things while I am waiting for my money to transfer to my American account. Bought some supplies I needed to make homemade deodorant and some stuff for food.

Transportation - 6,750 KRW
home  > Gangnam > Itaewon > Gangnam > Home Bus #1 > Subway > Home

Market - 1,500

Market - 4, 700 
Rice milk and Aloe Juice

Dominoes Pizza Delivery - 27, 000 KRW
2 large thin crust cheese pizzas. The large here is like a small medium at home. Split the pizzas with my friend. It is entirely too hot to cook. My apartment does not have air conditioning and if I turn on that stove it gets way hotter in the house. No tip because they don't tip here.

Today Spent - 100,250 KRW  (around $90 and a couple of cents at this time/ the exchange rate changes daily)



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