Facebook DM Adventures #1 and #2

Hi, all! I was going to post about something else, along the lines of me being frugal this month to save money and all that...but that can wait. The stuff that happened AFTER I got home from work (Students are on vacation and haven't done JACK but play on the computer) and chilling out with a friend, is much more interesting. Y'all can thank Alliyah Gallows (Ankh), for telling me to post these things.


It has been awhile.  So much has happened.  To make it short... Now work in Public School - less pay but more free time. Lost 12 lbs just from changing jobs. Found out my youngest brother and his mom are dead through a phone call. (This can be a post all into itself when I can keep my cool.) Grandma King died 4 months later, the same week I started my new job and moved. Got my new job without an interview. Hell, they did not know what I looked like until I got here. This job is great and so are the people. Finishing up my teacher certification. No romance stuff, with all the stuff that happened (see above), not really thinking of it. Going for a dream job, I have wanted for awhile. Trying to better myself in many hobbies. Gotta finish my late younger brother's memorial and finally figured out the way I will do this one. The game is a separate thing all together. It was a project we were working on together. My late youngest brother's birthday is this weekend (Jul


Day 1 and I am dripping with sweat after this less than 30-minutes workout, plus warm-up and flexibility cool down. HA! Hi, All! I've been lazy this week, lamenting on weight gain and body issues. Had a wake-up call today while perusing YouTube and I kept noticing a video called 30 Stone and Counting . Now, I vaguely knew stone was a weight of measurement for England. At least, that was the only place I have heard it used. No idea what it converted to into pounds, Google it. My reactions as I had my epiphany: Thier weight didn't bother me because I did not know what it meant in lbs. (...) I noticed one person's house then looked around my apartment.  (...No.) Looked at all the pills/ meds they had to take. (..NO.) Looked at my skin in the mirror. (Oh, hell no!) Nope. Done. Time to work out again and go back eating vegetarian/vegan. Did my first PIIT 28 workout today. See the beginning of this post to see how that went. Yep. Before and After pics after 2

Days 3, 4, and 5

Tuesday: (Day 3) Nothing much happened, so I didn't post anything, or I was too tired and needed to sleep. It has been about three weeks since I have had a proper full nights sleep.  That is starting to take its toll, but all my stressors are done and gone. Wednesday: (Day 4) The Other Kid: Me do good? Me: What?  Ask that again. You are not a baby. The Other Kid: Me do good? Me: It's not  "me". You know the correct way. You're a smart kid. (Don't try this Aegyo shit with me. You know it doesn't work). The Other Kid: Me... Babe (not their name): IT's NOT " ME "! IT'S " I "! Don't you know English?! Me: ... BABE?! (points to their notebook) Babe (innocent look): Yes, teacher. The Other Kid: Teacher, I do good? Me: Yes, you did. Now finish the rest of your work. You, too Babe. The Other Kid: YAY!! Babe: Okay. Oh my gosh, this year's class. Korean Kindy. Thursday: Day 5 Nothing happened of n

Day 2

Hi, all. Not much happened today. I have not been sleeping well for the last three weeks. I only slept about 3 hours today according to my Fitbit.  Been awake since around 550 am and could not go to sleep. SO I finished an application that had been stressing me out. Since all my stressors are gone. I think I will be okay. Things that happened today: Finished application and other paperwork My student had me cracking up. One of my six-year-old students. He is Korean, and he speaks rather well but is very high anxiety and loses his shit over the littlest thing but I nonchalantly order him to stop and get back to work, and he does after a few moments. With other teachers, he hams it up but with me, he knows me well enough to know I am not having it. He is brilliant and is hilarious most of the time. Today I was correcting the way one of m students grammar (Kindy), and he corrected her and up and said. "No, it's 'I did good.' Don't you know English?" Mi

Trying something new... Day 1

Hello.  It's me DN.  I know that I don't blog often, and I am trying to remedy that. I was thinking of making a daily blog, which would be a loose script for my comic/vlog. I will tell you guys when that is up. Things that have happened: Been to China. Disliked (the job) greatly. China was gorgeous (parts I visited), but there are some things I cannot abide. Left without looking back.  I am STILL trying to recover the money I lost. My poor credit card, you have saved my a** so much. I love you, but I need to stop relying on you so much. Devised a plan to pay that sucker off completely in 2.5 years.  With my current job. That is easy enough. Where I work: I work at a Korean Kindergarten Academy. This place is the only academy I will willingly work for again. The boss is cool, so are the people, and he is honest. Hours are super long, though. He is negotiable on that, to a point. I recently came off a six month no Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes. Now, I am ba

Heh Heh.... I forgot ^^;;;

HELLO ALL! Long time no see/hear. Yeah…. That last post said I was in China. Yeah, I left that soon after that post because shit got stupid. This was me. I am back in Korea.  I have been back for over a year.  I got a two year contract at a hagwon. …More on that later. I know I said I would never work at one, but dude got me outta China, no questions asked. I can at least stay two years. Reason, I am posting now is because I am going to go for a public school job again soon and I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about desk warming.  I want to type more but it is going to turn into a rant. It’s late and I got a couple of things I have to do real quick. Tomorrow is an early day for me. So I can post more then. Later, DN