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Day 1 and I am dripping with sweat after this less than 30-minutes workout, plus warm-up and flexibility cool down. HA! Hi, All! I've been lazy this week, lamenting on weight gain and body issues. Had a wake-up call today while perusing YouTube and I kept noticing a video called 30 Stone and Counting . Now, I vaguely knew stone was a weight of measurement for England. At least, that was the only place I have heard it used. No idea what it converted to into pounds, Google it. My reactions as I had my epiphany: Thier weight didn't bother me because I did not know what it meant in lbs. (...) I noticed one person's house then looked around my apartment.  (...No.) Looked at all the pills/ meds they had to take. (..NO.) Looked at my skin in the mirror. (Oh, hell no!) Nope. Done. Time to work out again and go back eating vegetarian/vegan. Did my first PIIT 28 workout today. See the beginning of this post to see how that went. Yep. Before and After pics after 2

Days 3, 4, and 5

Tuesday: (Day 3) Nothing much happened, so I didn't post anything, or I was too tired and needed to sleep. It has been about three weeks since I have had a proper full nights sleep.  That is starting to take its toll, but all my stressors are done and gone. Wednesday: (Day 4) The Other Kid: Me do good? Me: What?  Ask that again. You are not a baby. The Other Kid: Me do good? Me: It's not  "me". You know the correct way. You're a smart kid. (Don't try this Aegyo shit with me. You know it doesn't work). The Other Kid: Me... Babe (not their name): IT's NOT " ME "! IT'S " I "! Don't you know English?! Me: ... BABE?! (points to their notebook) Babe (innocent look): Yes, teacher. The Other Kid: Teacher, I do good? Me: Yes, you did. Now finish the rest of your work. You, too Babe. The Other Kid: YAY!! Babe: Okay. Oh my gosh, this year's class. Korean Kindy. Thursday: Day 5 Nothing happened of n

Day 2

Hi, all. Not much happened today. I have not been sleeping well for the last three weeks. I only slept about 3 hours today according to my Fitbit.  Been awake since around 550 am and could not go to sleep. SO I finished an application that had been stressing me out. Since all my stressors are gone. I think I will be okay. Things that happened today: Finished application and other paperwork My student had me cracking up. One of my six-year-old students. He is Korean, and he speaks rather well but is very high anxiety and loses his shit over the littlest thing but I nonchalantly order him to stop and get back to work, and he does after a few moments. With other teachers, he hams it up but with me, he knows me well enough to know I am not having it. He is brilliant and is hilarious most of the time. Today I was correcting the way one of m students grammar (Kindy), and he corrected her and up and said. "No, it's 'I did good.' Don't you know English?" Mi

Trying something new... Day 1

Hello.  It's me DN.  I know that I don't blog often, and I am trying to remedy that. I was thinking of making a daily blog, which would be a loose script for my comic/vlog. I will tell you guys when that is up. Things that have happened: Been to China. Disliked (the job) greatly. China was gorgeous (parts I visited), but there are some things I cannot abide. Left without looking back.  I am STILL trying to recover the money I lost. My poor credit card, you have saved my a** so much. I love you, but I need to stop relying on you so much. Devised a plan to pay that sucker off completely in 2.5 years.  With my current job. That is easy enough. Where I work: I work at a Korean Kindergarten Academy. This place is the only academy I will willingly work for again. The boss is cool, so are the people, and he is honest. Hours are super long, though. He is negotiable on that, to a point. I recently came off a six month no Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes. Now, I am ba

Heh Heh.... I forgot ^^;;;

HELLO ALL! Long time no see/hear. Yeah…. That last post said I was in China. Yeah, I left that soon after that post because shit got stupid. This was me. I am back in Korea.  I have been back for over a year.  I got a two year contract at a hagwon. …More on that later. I know I said I would never work at one, but dude got me outta China, no questions asked. I can at least stay two years. Reason, I am posting now is because I am going to go for a public school job again soon and I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about desk warming.  I want to type more but it is going to turn into a rant. It’s late and I got a couple of things I have to do real quick. Tomorrow is an early day for me. So I can post more then. Later, DN