Money Diary Day 5 of 30 - 08/20/2013

Today ended my vacation and I went to work.  It was nice and cool out for once, so I walked to work.  It only takes about 15- 20 minutes.


8:18am - GS Market 1,000 KRW
2 bottles of water paid with T-Money card (same card I use to get on public transport here)

4:40pm - Rice Burger 5,000 KRW  (cash)
Bought 2 chili chicken rice burgers. People have been passing out because of the heat. I am not cooking.

4:58pm - Phone Shop 80,810 KRW  (card)
Paid my monthly cell phone bill. (Easiest way to contact me, plus doubles as my T-Money card, subway map and tells me when my bus is coming, among other things. No need for a home phone, if not at home usually.)

5:09- E-mart 19,530 KRW (card)
Some groceries for my morning breakfast smoothie for the week and for my lunch I take to school.

6:30 - Pharmacy 2,400 KRW (cash)
Cut my finger with my large knife, while preparing my food, so I can use it later on during the week. The pharmacy guy saw my hand and cleaned, disinfected then bandaged it for me. I bought band-aids, ointment and some finger coverings for when I wash dishes and take a shower. Pretty much told me, that I should come to him when I cut myself like that, since it was the third time this the last 2 days. The other ones weren't like today, they were small and I did not have to add pressure.

My money transferred, to the point where it shows up and I can see it. I payed bills at home.
$20 was subtracted for the international transfer fee.

SallieMae (>:P) - $409.09
Credit Card - $100.64
Overdraft - $150.12
Extra Money to Grandma - $50.00 (I try to send this twice a month depending)
Money for Mom - $250.00 (She wants to go on some class reunion cruise. This is her birthday/Christmas present.)

Today spent:
108, 740 KRW
$959.85 - American bills



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