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Facebook DM Adventures #1 and #2

Hi, all! I was going to post about something else, along the lines of me being frugal this month to save money and all that...but that can wait. The stuff that happened AFTER I got home from work (Students are on vacation and haven't done JACK but play on the computer) and chilling out with a friend, is much more interesting. Y'all can thank Alliyah Gallows (Ankh), for telling me to post these things.


It has been awhile.  So much has happened.  To make it short... Now work in Public School - less pay but more free time. Lost 12 lbs just from changing jobs. Found out my youngest brother and his mom are dead through a phone call. (This can be a post all into itself when I can keep my cool.) Grandma King died 4 months later, the same week I started my new job and moved. Got my new job without an interview. Hell, they did not know what I looked like until I got here. This job is great and so are the people. Finishing up my teacher certification. No romance stuff, with all the stuff that happened (see above), not really thinking of it. Going for a dream job, I have wanted for awhile. Trying to better myself in many hobbies. Gotta finish my late younger brother's memorial and finally figured out the way I will do this one. The game is a separate thing all together. It was a project we were working on together. My late youngest brother's birthday is this weekend (Jul