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Heh Heh.... I forgot ^^;;;

HELLO ALL! Long time no see/hear. Yeah…. That last post said I was in China. Yeah, I left that soon after that post because shit got stupid. This was me. I am back in Korea.  I have been back for over a year.  I got a two year contract at a hagwon. …More on that later. I know I said I would never work at one, but dude got me outta China, no questions asked. I can at least stay two years. Reason, I am posting now is because I am going to go for a public school job again soon and I have been hearing a lot of people complaining about desk warming.  I want to type more but it is going to turn into a rant. It’s late and I got a couple of things I have to do real quick. Tomorrow is an early day for me. So I can post more then. Later, DN