Trying something new... Day 1

Hello.  It's me DN.  I know that I don't blog often, and I am trying to remedy that.

I was thinking of making a daily blog, which would be a loose script for my comic/vlog. I will tell you guys when that is up.

Things that have happened:

Been to China. Disliked (the job) greatly. China was gorgeous (parts I visited), but there are some things I cannot abide. Left without looking back.  I am STILL trying to recover the money I lost. My poor credit card, you have saved my a** so much. I love you, but I need to stop relying on you so much.

Devised a plan to pay that sucker off completely in 2.5 years.

 With my current job. That is easy enough.

Where I work:
I work at a Korean Kindergarten Academy. This place is the only academy I will willingly work for again. The boss is cool, so are the people, and he is honest. Hours are super long, though. He is negotiable on that, to a point. I recently came off a six month no Tuesday and Thursday afternoon classes. Now, I am back on, but that also means an extra $450 back in my pocket.

 I missed my Tues/Thursday afternoon classes. Apparently, they missed me too from the reception I got. One class actually hugged me. I taught them Science last year and this time I am teaching Speaking and Discussion.

I highly recommend them.

If you are single... this place is social suicide, possibly. Some people can work with it. It is just everything I want to accomplish (KIIP, Hot Yoga, etc.) I can't do because of time available after work, and I am not trying to go to another class.  I just got through dealing with my adorable Kindy (drive me up the wall but hilarious) class, I want to go home, play a video game for awhile while watching/listening to stupid/awesome stuff on youTube and sleep. If you want more information about the place, just ask me.


Trying to be more positive, so I am making a list of what I accomplished today and not a to-do list of stuff I didn't get to.

What I accomplished today:

  1. Picked up food order for the week. (It is cheaper to eat out than cook here, especially if you work my hours). My food for the week cost me about $45.50 (45,5000 won).
  2. Cleaned my room. (LONG time coming)
  3. Walked to another town. (It was only about 3,000 steps. I thought it was longer)
  4. Cleaned kitchen/dishes (My kitchen is always clean. I reuse the same dishes all the time, so it has to be. I have more, but I just don't use them).
  5. Washed clothes.
  6. Hung clothes to dry. (This is split because I usually do one and forget to hang them and have to wash them again. No dryers in Korea...besides the ones in the laundry mat...which have free wifi and great).
  7. Washed cleaning towels.  (...need to hang them up after I type and post this.)
  8. Got my American cards issue fixed. (They were all cancelled, and I am sitting here trying to draw money. They switched over, and they are expiring soon. My bank was cool and fixed the issue. I have a month till it happens again.)
  9.  Got class cleaned up properly and more organized (yesterday).

That is all for this weekend/today.

Work tomorrow.

Let's set a goal for seven days straight to start off.

See you later,

DN (1/7)


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