Day 1 and I am dripping with sweat after this less than 30-minutes workout, plus warm-up and flexibility cool down. HA!

Hi, All!

I've been lazy this week, lamenting on weight gain and body issues. Had a wake-up call today while perusing YouTube and I kept noticing a video called 30 Stone and Counting. Now, I vaguely knew stone was a weight of measurement for England. At least, that was the only place I have heard it used. No idea what it converted to into pounds, Google it.

My reactions as I had my epiphany:

Thier weight didn't bother me because I did not know what it meant in lbs. (...)
I noticed one person's house then looked around my apartment.  (...No.)
Looked at all the pills/ meds they had to take. (..NO.)

Looked at my skin in the mirror. (Oh, hell no!)

Nope. Done. Time to work out again and go back eating vegetarian/vegan.

Did my first PIIT 28 workout today. See the beginning of this post to see how that went.


Before and After pics after 28 days.

I chose this one because I can do it at home, it's 28 days, and the workout itself is 28min and 40 seconds, but she has you do the warm-up and flexibility cool-down which are possibly 5 minutes. It was made by the girl who does Blogilates.

Plus, I was not sure where to start, and it is a good kick off for beginners to start before I move onto a harder workout.

Time for a shower then bed.




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