Days 3, 4, and 5

Tuesday: (Day 3)

Nothing much happened, so I didn't post anything, or I was too tired and needed to sleep. It has been about three weeks since I have had a proper full nights sleep.  That is starting to take its toll, but all my stressors are done and gone.

Wednesday: (Day 4)

The Other Kid: Me do good?

Me: What?  Ask that again. You are not a baby.

The Other Kid: Me do good?

Me: It's not  "me". You know the correct way. You're a smart kid. (Don't try this Aegyo shit with me. You know it doesn't work).

The Other Kid: Me...

Babe (not their name): IT's NOT "ME"! IT'S "I"! Don't you know English?!

Me: ... BABE?! (points to their notebook)

Babe (innocent look): Yes, teacher.

The Other Kid: Teacher, I do good?

Me: Yes, you did. Now finish the rest of your work. You, too Babe.

The Other Kid: YAY!!

Babe: Okay.

Oh my gosh, this year's class. Korean Kindy.

Thursday: Day 5

Nothing happened of note.  I take that back.

My first encounter with some creepy shit my student wrote on their book and the accompanying markings with it. Asked them about it naturally, but they are good at evading answers for someone their age and I wanted them not to stress themselves out. I assured them they were not in trouble and I was just curious. Man, the answers to the questions I did ask...

I did get all paperwork in for the application, and my recruiter sent it on to the organization.

Did my Simulation teaching today. It went great. I may use it for an interview simulation lesson. It takes around 5 minutes in total.

Next week is a long holiday! CHUSEOK! Think Korean Thanksgiving.

See you later,

~ DN


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