Facebook DM Adventures #1 and #2

Hi, all!

I was going to post about something else, along the lines of me being frugal this month to save money and all that...but that can wait.

The stuff that happened AFTER I got home from work (Students are on vacation and haven't done JACK but play on the computer) and chilling out with a friend, is much more interesting.

Y'all can thank Alliyah Gallows (Ankh), for telling me to post these things.

I was messing around on FB as usual and watch random videos. I commented on the one where a young Nigerian girl learned Korean and could speak fluently. She learned from watching Korean movies/dramas.  Some people in the comments ( a lot of them are fuckery btw from men and women) doubted the girl. I commented that she spoke correctly and that I live and work in South Korea. Then I went about my business.

Not even 10 minutes later...

WTF are you?!
1st DM from some random dude.

Why'd I accept? I was bored. I sometimes do stupid shit, when I am bored enough. This is very minor compared to stuff done in the past.

Had the nerve to get salty with me asking him questions.....this bitch...

Wait...what did you call me?

It continues and he f*ed up royally.

That is supposed to say are NOT...


Went on about my business...

Not even 5 minutes later....

2nd DM. At least his opening was interesting. 

Checked his page for a better picture...Dude looks like he is 12.

He fucked up very quickly... Give you 3 guesses where.

Not even annoyed yet...
I bet they were like this on the other end

Gave one more chance, to tell the truth.


How was everyone's day today?



  1. And that is why I am not a fan of social media. Too many wierdos. Glad to see you back!


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