Strange, cute,...Awkward

Sup!  Still in Korea. Actually, I leave in May but I am coming back.

February in graduation time for schools in Korea.  Some schools leave for WInter vacation and come back in Feb for 2 weeks. You may or may not have class. Different days for different schools, there are different factors that change the dates.

Now this is for today. 2 minutes after I started walking home from school.

Strange --> Cute --> Akward


After work today, a lady drove up while I was walking home.  Then she got out of her car and started speaking English to me.

Not sure what look I had on my face, but she interpreted it as I didn't understand what she was saying.

She asked if I spoke English or Korean. I told her I was American and she told me she was a Jehovah's Witness. She asked about my job before she told me that. Told her I don't go to church.

Lady: Well, those who don't have religion...

Me: I didn't say, I didn't have religion. I said I don't go to church. I don't like it. Too many people.

Lady: Ah.

She tried to give me packets. I told her to keep them because, I am moving and I would just throw them away without paying attention because I have 4 years worth of stuff to get rid of. Give it to someone who would actually read them. Plus, I am finishing this last minute thing I came up with for my students. I have enough paper in this apartment.

The strange thing was that she thanked me for the way I said the refusal.  I can imagine what others have to deal with. All I did was tell her the truth, plus since those packets were printed so nicely and professionally I didn't want to just throw it away.

2 minutes later -- > Daiso ($1 store - needed more envelopes)


Random cuteness from random little kid I met in Daiso. He spoke Korean the whole time to me.

Kid: Your hair, what is it?

Me: Braids. (Actually they are locs that I started with braids, but I said something he would understand better...mainly because they look like braids at the bottom.)

I bent down so he could take a closer look and he touched gently.

Kid: Beautiful.

Me: Thank you.

He sees my very fluffy purple gloves. "What is that?"

Me: A glove.

Kid: Ah. Thank you. (Went about his merry way.)


Playing CSI game on Facebook, see an ad pop up. I have a strong feeling I know of the person in the ad's mugshot picture. We used to work together.  It was an ad for public criminal background checks, see who has been arrested.


I will tell you later about the student that asked me to marry her later and I may tell you about a dude I met.
My cute students graduate tomorrow and I am off for 10 days.



P.S. SOrry for misspells and grammar mess ups. I am tired.


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