Graduation and random stuff


It was graduation day today for my school.  In February, there is about 2 weeks of school and then they graduate. Each school is slightly different, but in my experience it has been that way.  The children are gone, the teachers either transfer to another school if their limit is up, choose what grade they will work with, if they want to be an English teacher for certain grades, everything gets switched around.

English teacher is not usually chosen because of all the paperwork that needs to be done for the native teacher. If the native teacher is a renewal, there is quite a bit less.

I gave each of my 6th graders a letter from me that was in Korean and English. They can keep in contact with me on a different blog and my email.

One of the girls asked me to marry her again.

Got off work early without having to ask. (Graduation)

I went home and am now watching Cry play some horror game (Desert Nightmare) on YouTube. I am not going to play it.

Someone knocked on my door and at first I was annoyed (was about to take a nap) but answered the door nicely.

My downstairs neighbor gave me freshly made kimchi (김치) dumplings (mandu - 만두 ). I understood when she said that they may be too spicy for me, but I told her I like kimchi and it is okay.  She gave me a bunch (9 huge ones). I just got to cook them a bit.

That is my day so far...

I swear more random stuff is happening to me the closer I get to leaving Korea.

I posted the random happening on Facebook and one commented that I should post when some random sexy ass dude shows up at my door.



  1. Random sexy ass Korean dude shows up at your door you better take a lot of pics and post them cause I want to SEE!


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