Money Diary Day 9 of 30 - 08/24/2013 + Daily Life

Today was a long one. All bills are paid already though, so it is okay.


Kinkos #1 - 68,600 KRW (card)
Had to make cards for a game for my 3rd grade class. Here they were printed in color and then he was nice enough to cut those 70 pages with some machine - he saw me start to cut a page with the razor. It would have taken me FOREVER. There was no way I could have done this at work before the gates and doors were locked shut and I was locked in. That school is beyond CREEPY when no one is there after 5 and it is not even dark yet. Doesn't help that it looks almost exactly like the school in the Korean Horror PC game called White Day in certain areas. If I hear any chanting I am out! This Kinkos closed at 6, so I had to go to another one a little ways around the corner.

24 hr Kinkos #2 - 70,000 KRW (credit card)
This one laminated them for me. Turns out the guy from the first one called them and told them what I needed. It took over an hour and a half to finish putting them in the laminate sheets (with help). He finished his stack before mine and he helped me afterward. I guess he can see it wearing on my nerves and energy. Man, I felt drained.

Subway - 12,000 KRW (card)
Footlong Turkey honey oat sub with cucumbers, green peppers, oregano and yellow mustard, plus some chocolate chip cookies for a snack later on.  I was hungry. All I had to eat that day was a smoothie I had made that morning. So my energy was wearing down and my nerves were thin. I also had a bottle of water.

Transportation - 4,000 won
Where I went everything was walking distance. There was no need to take another bus.

Itunes Music - $1.38
Video game music from Chrono Trigger OST. Shut up that music was awesome and you know it. I bought 2 songs (SCHALA'S THEME, another version of Schala's theme). Was going to by Magus' theme, but I can't listen to that creepy laugh that happens in the song while I am trying to sleep.

Today Spent -
150,600 KRW
$1.38 American

Now I have to plan lessons for Grades 5, 6 and figure out what to do with my special class A and B because there is STILL no projector. My special class are 1st and 2nd graders.



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