Money Diary day 6 of 30 - 08/21/2013

Sorry, this is a  bit late. It took so long getting home. I did not feel like it afterwards.


Transportaion (all around) - 6,100 KRW (T-money)
Transferring to a diffrent mode of public transportation usually cost  no extra money or a few cents.

Plant (Vegan Place) - 30,500 KRW (cash)
Dinner, Lunch to go for the next day at work and a dessert.

Withdrew - 100,000 KRW
Trying to avoid using my card too much.

Cafe place somewhere in Gangnam Station - 3,500 KRW
Hot peppermint tea because my stomach was upset. It settled after I drank it.

Added $15 to my T-Money card.

Today spent - 40,100 KRW



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