Day 2

Hi, all.

Not much happened today. I have not been sleeping well for the last three weeks. I only slept about 3 hours today according to my Fitbit.  Been awake since around 550 am and could not go to sleep. SO I finished an application that had been stressing me out. Since all my stressors are gone. I think I will be okay.

Things that happened today:
Finished application and other paperwork
My student had me cracking up.

One of my six-year-old students. He is Korean, and he speaks rather well but is very high anxiety and loses his shit over the littlest thing but I nonchalantly order him to stop and get back to work, and he does after a few moments. With other teachers, he hams it up but with me, he knows me well enough to know I am not having it. He is brilliant and is hilarious most of the time.

Today I was correcting the way one of m students grammar (Kindy), and he corrected her and up and said. "No, it's 'I did good.' Don't you know English?" Mind you; they are in the same class. I had to get up before I started laughing.

My mom did say I was teaching them to be little sarcastic, smart asses.

They will be fine.

Need sleep.


DN (2/7)


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